Spring Clean Up

  • Each year the cemetery undergoes spring clean-up to allow for a full, unhindered, inspection of the grounds, markers, vases, etc.
  • Spring clean-up begins March 1st and ends on March 8th.
  • During this time all graves must be without florals and decorations. This includes the Mausoleum Crypt and Niche fronts. No Exceptions.
  • Effective 2023 – Spring-clean up will INCLUDE items in vases.
    In the past, it had been the policy of the cemetery to leave any decoration in place IF it was within the vase. This policy has been revised and ALL florals, statuettes, etc. both on the grounds or IN VASES must be removed by March 8th. Failure to remove them will result in the items being removed and discarded by cemetery personnel.
  • At the cemetery staff’s discretion, this policy may be waived for those recently interred.
  • Our policy regarding US Flags and Military Branch flags, has not changed. ANY tattered, torn, or faded flag deemed too damaged to be respectful will be removed by cemetery staff and appropriately retired.
  • Following Spring clean-up please remember the following when adding decorative items to a grave:
    • If it is not in a vase, it is not permitted.
    • Mini steppingstones, statues, etc. are not allowed.
    • Balloons of any kind are absolutely forbidden and will be promptly removed.
    • Metal shepherd hooks, garden flags, etc. are not allowed. Solar lights are allowed ONLY when they have been altered to snugly fit and remain within the vase. Solar lights are not to be inserted into the ground where they hinder and present a danger to the groundskeepers using equipment around the marker.
      Alterations to memorial markers are not allowed without expressed written permission from the owner/purchaser of said marker.
    • The most important guideline to follow is, if it presents a tripping hazard for visitors and a danger to our groundskeepers and their equipment, it simply is not allowed.
  • While cemetery employees will take care not to damage any grave decorations, we regret that we cannot guarantee all decorations will remain free from damage or loss and we cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences.
  • If you have any questions in this regard, please CONTACT us.