Purchase Pricing

Opening & Closing CostMon-FriSaturday
Traditional Full Ground Burial$1,295.00$1,695.00
Cremation In Ground Burial$800.00$950.00
Mausoleum Traditional Casket Crypt$1000.00$1400.00
Mausoleum Cremation Crypt$900.00$1150.00
Mausoleum Cremation Nich$750.00$925.00
Grave Spaces
Grave Space on Grounds$600
Veterans Grave SpaceN/C - State Required Perpetual Care Fee - $90

**Pricing Table Effective 01/01/2024**

*** Pricing is subject to change. Please call to verify current pricing. ***

Purchase Policies

Pre-payment for perpetual care, opening, and closing fees, etc., is an available option for those interested in having “everything in place”. Essentially, monies received in advance of need are deposited in a corporate trust until they are needed and are then withdrawn. Prepayment locks in pricing at current rates.


Interment/Entombment Services are available Monday – Saturday. No Sundays or Holidays. If a Holiday falls on the weekend, the Friday before and Monday following are charged at the Saturday rate.

In case of inclement weather and in the interest of keeping everyone comfortable and safe, QMP reserves the right to request graveside services be moved indoors and held in the Chapel of the Mausoleum.

Typically, each lot is made up of six grave spaces. Each grave space can accommodate one traditional burial (full casket) or two cremation urns. We abide by the laws of the Illinois General Assembly, Cemetery Oversight Act (225 ILCS 411/), and as such, burial rights are determined by deed owner documentation, with provisions for rights to heirs by marriage, bloodline, or a legally executed document appointing rights to burial.


The term “Opening and Closing” is, as it infers, the opening and closing of a grave space, mausoleum crypt or niche. This expense includes but is not limited to the cost of labor, services, equipment, seating, and other accessories to prepare the site for a burial or the mausoleum for entombment. It includes the cost of having staff available before, during and after the service and to restore the grounds or mausoleum to pre-service condition. Finally, this cost includes maintenance of the site and grounds post-closing to include watching the site for settling, sod or seeding, etc. Therefore, the Opening and Closing cost is charged PER REMAINS/CREMAINS and is in addition to the cost of the grave space or mausoleum crypt or niche.

We make every attempt to give a two-hour window between services to give family and friends the privacy and respect they deserve. Every effort is made to avoid having two services on the grounds at the same time, however, in the event this occurs we ask for your cooperation, patience and understanding, knowing that certain circumstances, grieving family members remaining at a gravesite longer than anticipated, delays arriving or leaving from the funeral home, traffic, weather etc. are simply out of our control.

Memorial Markers/Headstones

Lawn markers, headstones that are flush with the lawn, are the only markers allowed on cemetery grounds. We are unable to supply pricing for memorial markers as the cost varies greatly depending on the size, color and materials used. If you are interested in meeting with our staff to discuss pricing and design, please contact us to make an appointment.

Markers may be bought from the cemetery office or from an outside vendor, however, it is important to understand that the staff of the cemetery are not able to make any adjustments to headstones placed by outside vendors regardless of how long they have been in place.

In accordance with the laws established by the Illinois General Assembly, Cemetery Oversight Act (225 ILCS 411/) alterations to existing markers purchased from and installed by Quincy Memorial Park are only permitted if the cemetery authority has concluded there is sufficient documentation on file to determine the requesting party has rights to do so whether as an heir, rights by marriage, bloodline, or a legally executed document authorizing such alteration.