How to find a grave.

Search the cemetery database for the section of the grave location. Each “Plot” is numbered and typically contains six graves. The grave spaces are numbered 1-6 from North to South and the marker is typically at the Head, thus the term “Headstone”.

Hints – Here at Quincy Memorial Park, usually, but NOT always, the following apply:

  • The Wife is most often ODD numbered, Husband EVEN.
  • In the sections to the West (Faith, Peace, Devotions) – the wife is typically on the right and the headstone is read facing West.
  • In the remaining Sections – the wife is on the left and the stone is read facing East.

These are not steadfast rules, rather helpful hints.
On occasion, grave placement is sometimes determined by familial ties, i.e., sisters wanting to be near each other, fathers and sons wanting to be placed side-by-side, and in the instance of a child who passes young, they are sometimes placed at the foot of one of its parent’s space or even in-between the parents