Since its inception, Quincy Memorial Park has only allowed what are commonly referred to as “lawn markers” which are basically either Bronze or Granite markers that are flush with the lawn.

A marker with more than one name is typically referred to as a “companion” marker and may be either a Husband/Wife, Parent/Child or even Siblings.

As with any materials exposed to the quirks of Mother Nature, Memorial Markers are no exception and on occasion may require adjustments to either the marker, the vase or both. If you need assistance having a marker leveled or a vase stored/or replaced the following apply:

  • In the case of markers purchased from Quincy Memorial Park, simply CONTACT us to request an adjustment or repair.
  • If a marker was purchased and installed by an outside supplier, you would need to contact that company to have the marker adjusted or leveled.

Please review the RULES AND REGULATIONS for QMP standards regarding which tributes may or may not be placed on markers. If you are unsure, please contact us.

"Testimonies of devotion pride and remembrance are cast in granite and bronze to pay warm tribute to accomplishments and to the life, not the death - of a loved one. " 

Author - Unknown