Grounds and Mausoleum


Cemetery Grounds Map
Acacia Hill
Sunrise Garden
Garden Hill
Ridgelawn Garden
St.Joseph Garden
Garden of Faith
Garden of Peace / Peace Blvd
Garden of Devotion
Garden of Memories

How To Find A Grave

Search the cemetery database for the section of the grave location. Each “Plot” is numbered and typically contains six graves. The grave spaces are numbered 1-6 from North to South and the marker is typically at the Head, thus the term “Headstone”.

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Hints – Here at Quincy Memorial Park, usually, but NOT always, the following apply:

  • The Wife is most often ODD numbered, the Husband EVEN. • In the sections to the West (Faith, Peace, Devotions) – the wife is typically on the right and the headstone is read facing West.
  • In the remaining Sections – the wife is on the left and the stone is read facing East.


  • These are not steadfast rules, but rather helpful hints.
  • On occasion, grave placement is sometimes determined by familial ties, i.e., sisters wanting to be near each other, fathers and sons wanting to be placed side-by-side, and in the instance of a child who passes young, they are sometimes placed at the foot of one of its parent’s space or even in- between the parents.