During the span of its existence, Quincy Memoiral Park, offered “Burial Plot” and “Mausoleum Service” packages. In many instances families purchased anywhere from six to twelve graves on the grounds with the intent they be used by surviving heirs generations beyond their passing.

More and more we are seeing families that have a single unused space that they will not use. TO-DAY OPERATION
Established in 1932, Quincy Memorial Park, endeavors to raise funds that serve efforts beyond day-to-day operational expenses. Quincy Memorial Park is truly a unique greenspace, with its pond and gentle rolling landscape nestled on approximately 20 acres, providing a quiet refuge and peaceful place of reflection from the busy, city streets.
Preserving this inspiring natural beauty, maintaining the character of the masterful and historical monuments, and stewarding both the charm and significance of the cemetery for future generations, are our primary goals.

Each and every monetary gift helps preserve and enhance the beauty that is Quincy Memorial Park.

We welcome your interest and invite you to participate in protecting and preserving its historic integrity and natural beauty. Your contributions will ensure that this special treasure will be available for the benefit of future generations.