“Quincy Memorial Lawn Cemetery” was established in the summer of 1932.  The cemetery is located at 5200 Quincy Memorial ParkBroadway in Quincy Illinois.  Later the name was changed to Quincy Memorial Park. The land had been purchased from John and Ed Cain by Mid-West Memorial Park Cemetery Company.  The plans and specifications were drawn up by Ernest Kruse an architect from Wheeling, Illinois.   The plans called for the parkway from the entrance with drives on either side along with a lake. The lake is often referred to as the goldfish pond. Families are welcome to feed the fish; however, no fishing is allowed.  Markers were specified to be a flat flush type - no monuments. This remains in effect today with only flat bronze or flat sandblast markers being permitted. Records indicate the first burials were in 1932.

In 1945, the cemetery was purchased by John L. Nelson and a Declaration of an Association was formed and known as “Quincy Memorial Park Association”. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Felber purchased it from the Nelson Heirs in 1964. Mike Haubrich purchased the cemetery in 1973.
Quincy Memorial Park

In 1974/75 the mausoleum with 587 crypts and two chapels was a welcomed addition. A J Harrison from Waterloo, Iowa purchased Quincy Memorial Park from Mr. Haubrich; later selling to Janet Armstrong. In 2008, Larry Smith the current owner purchased the cemetery from Ms. Armstrong. Larry has been with Quincy Memorial Park for 24 years. Quincy Memorial Park is beautifully maintained with improvements being made as possible. There have been over 10,000 burials at Quincy Memorial Park.